Jamboree Xmas Wishlist #002.

Jamboree Xmas Wishlist #002.
9th December 2013 developer


Girl in Menswear Sophia Marinho De Lemos takes us through her festive pick of ¬†Jamboree’s Winter wares.

Talk us through your wishlist!

On my winter wish list are these Pallas U tip shoes, the grooved rubber soles will stop me from slipping and sliding in the snow, but the deep wine coloured Italian leather will guarantee my feet look smart throughout the colder months. Speaking of cold, I’m pairing my footwear with this knit hat in grey, which will go perfectly with the Grand Pere shirt in white. I love the collar on this little white number, and there’s no menswear item that looks more fly on a girl than a classic white shirt with an urban edge.

Who do you find hardest to buy for and why?¬†Ironically, I find it hardest to buy gifts for the men in my life. What do you give to the guys who have everything, particularly when they know you’ll be stealing it from them anyway? I’ve been banned from getting my boyfriend clothes as they will end up in my wardrobe no matter what.

Gremlins or Home Alone? I’m a total weirdo – I’ve never seen either. Give me Elf any day of the year though.



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