Heresy Journal Takeover 001: Calypso Mix

Heresy Journal Takeover 001: Calypso Mix
8th September 2015 developer

Calypso music was born in Trinidad and Tobago during the early 20th Century and gained popularity in England after the arrival of some notorious Trinidadian Calypso artists who travelled to Britain on the HMS Empire Windrush in 1949.
The style of Calypso is rooted in storytelling, when it appeared in Britain it utilised social commentary for its lyrical content that now provides a brilliant insight into every day life of the fresh off the boat Londoners. Social politics, popular culture, humour and sex (which cleverly dodged censorship through innuendo) were the tools of the Calypso Lords.


The first major stars of calypso started crossing over to new audiences worldwide in the late 1930s. Attila the Hun, Roaring Lion and Lord Invader were first, followed by Lord Kitchener, one of the longest-lasting calypso stars in history who continued to release hit records until his death in 2000.

King Dom’s Calypso mix features a selection of the genre’s top guys, you can listen below.


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